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"No Christian or Church will ever rise above its 'praying in the spirit' level."

"Camel’s Knees for Kingswinford"

Jesus told His disciples to go into the entire world and tell everyone, everywhere the Good News.

During the Tanzania 2011 Mission we met each night to pray and we saw God answer our prayers. We also set aside time to pray for Kingswinford, with a special focus on the Manor Park and Portway estates.

We prayed that the miracles, healings and true demonstration of God’s mighty power would begin to be replicated here in Kingswinford as they were in Tanzania. We have the same Father God, the same message given under the same anointing from the Holy Spirit! We prayed we would truly see the Harvest in this region reaped for His glory.

As a church we continually seek to be God’s hands, feet and voice. We have seen His hand at work through us in various countries, and now it’s time for us to be as desperate to see God move among the streets, homes and lives of Kingswinford.

We invite you to stand and join us in this on-going mission to reach the lost in Kingswinford, concentrating on the area shown opposite.  It’s time to get serious about being the lifeboat to the people of our community.  Further details will follow, as we unite on this new venture together.


KCC Prayers: (19th October 2018)

People and situations currently needing our prayers:

Please remember to pray and visit those who you know are alone, ill or housebound this christmas

'Patches' - Community House and outreach into the Blueprint Zone.

Healing: Clive, Bev and family, Pauline, Kathryn & Chris, Lady M's sister, Jack, Kathryn R and family

For KCC as we prepare for new missions in 2019

For Kingswinford Community and Birmingham Homeless evangelistic initiatives.

DUDLEY - Our Prayer

We declare you to be the great and awesome God of all the earth, including Dudley. Look upon Dudley with your loving-kindness, mercy and grace we pray.

We confess that we, the people of Dudley, have sinned. We have turned away from you, we have rebelled , now and in the past, we have walked after other gods.

We humble ourselves before you O Lord and we ask you to forgive us our sins.

We pray that you would heal our land, the borough of Dudley,

    where there is darkness bring your great light,

    where there is hopelessness be our hope,

    where there is brokenness bring your healing, for those held captive, physically, emotionally or spiritually bring freedom and liberty, comfort all who mourn, reconcile the divided, and as we humble ourselves unite us O Lord.

Raise up the former devastations, repair our city, rebuild the ancient ruins.

We pray for new and innovative business to be birthed in our area.

We pray for those who lead us in every sphere of life, may they lead us righteously with wisdom, humility and compassion.

We pray that you would create a place of justice, prace and tranquility in Dudley

We pray for a healing river and for many to be physically, emotionally and spiritually transformed.

We ask you, hear from heaven and heal our land.

In Jesus' name.



A British Jew was recently heard to say that there will be no Jewish people left in U.K. in 10 - 15 years time. Anti-Semitic attacks are very much on the increase and driving Jewish people out of the country they have lived in for decades and some generations, fearing for their safety. They are returning home' to Israel where they feel safe among their own people, in spite of the fact that Israel is surrounded by enemies. Rockets have been fired for months into civilian southern areas of Israel by Hamas who rule in Gaza. Over 460 rockets were fired recently in one day, destroying homes, killing and injuring many. While in the north western part of Israel, 4 large terror tunnels have been found built from Lebanon into Israel in order to send parties in to kill and sometimes kidnap Israelis. It is known there are more tunnels and these are being searched for. Over north eastern border of Israel in Syria, a huge Iranian army equipped with large numbers of long range weapons continue to get closer to border. Their leaders constantly declaring death to the Israeli people. Also in last 2 weeks, 2 Israeli soldiers and a baby were killed and many injured some critically, in West Bank by Palestinians. We don't see any of these incidents reported on our news channels. And many say Israel does not have right to defend itself, the right any nation has when under attack to defend its people. Israel is the heart of the Middle East. The most important nation in the whole of human history. The home of the prophets, birthplace of our Lord Jesus and the gospels and the place Jesus will return to.

Prophecy is being fulfilled as people return 'home' to Israel from the four corners of the earth. The Holy Spirit is moving in the hearts of Christians to be a part of it, to pray and support these people.

 Pray for the salvation of the Jewish people, that they recognise Jesus as their Messiah, Lord and Saviour.

 Pray for our nation and the evil of anti-Semitism to stop and be dealt with by the law.

 Pray for Jewish people as they return to Israel that they will settle quickly. They don't know the language and some don't have homes to go to.

 We are commanded to "pray for the peace of Jerusalem". Pray for this small nation that insights so much


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