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"Telling people about Jesus everywhere..."

Life Ministries International is the global mission expression of Kingswinford Christian Fellowship.




"Telling people about Jesus everywhere..."

Acts 1:8 New Living Translation

Tanzania 2016 Mission: 8 - 18th July 2016

Team: Pastor Gary, Evangelists Judy, Clair and Richard

Tanzania 2016: July 8th – 18th 2016 – Ministry Report

Praise God that a terrorist attack, attempted coup, smashed vehicle and minor earthquake didn’t prevent the team doing what God had called them to do in Tanzania. Our God is greater! We travelled via 3 different countries, on 3 different continents and ministered to people from Tanzania, Kenya and Malawi.

During the mission, the team (Pastor Gary, Judy Eyres, Clair Phillips, Richard Chidundo and Uncle Sam) lead/preached/participated in:

4 church services, 3 classes for new believers, 4 crusade meetings, 2 strategic meetings re future missions in Tanzania, Malawi, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Kenya and Uganda and 3 meetings re Chrestos / Hope Foundation. Pastor Gary was also involved in several Pastoral meetings.

We took: large amount of toothbrushes and toothpaste, crayons and 50 knitted woolly hats for the Children at the Hope Foundation Orphanage. In addition the Chrestos Management team facilitated the provision of a large quantity of Sanitary Towels for the Hope Girls, as well as soaps, toothpastes, razor blades and disinfectants – all received with tears of joy.

We took Christian books for a Missionary Bible Teacher from the UK living and ministering across Tanzania. We were able to provide two ‘Android Tablets’ for Bishop Robert and Evangelist Richard – which have already proven to be such a blessing and asset. We were able to fund a gospel choir, singers, sound equipment and publicity for the crusade. We were able to release substantial ministry gifts to Bishop Robert, our Translator and fellow Evangelist, Richard and also for Uncle Sam. We were also able to assist with the flight, accommodation and feeding of the Bishop Banda from Malawi to attend the meetings.

We saw: 80+ people make decisions to follow Christ and become Christians, 60+ people recommitted their lives to Jesus Christ, 13 miraculous instantaneous healings: Eyes and ears healed, legs and knees healed, backs healed: The lame walked! The demonised, diseased and distressed were delivered. We saw 3 people delivered from demonization and over 60 people baptised by Jesus in the Holy Spirit.

Thank you to all who prayed, and released God’s finances to make this happen.

Pastor Gary, Judy, Clair, Richard and Sam. (With God, all things are possible.)

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To God be the glory

Great things HE hath done!


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